Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wee bit of sacrilege and DnD

Amusing little video about DnD players involved in a Nativity play.

Provides a good example of providing a little backstory to magic items going a long way.

Best line, "Do we still get XP if we lose?"

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

D&D Lifestyle Reporting

I'm a lifelong player. Since ten years old, I've been playing D&D or some other RPG. That's thirty years now, my children play, I run three campaigns, alternating two on Sundays and one for the kiddos during the week. I have bookshelves of books, several hundred miniatures, a corner of my basement for painting and D&D related crafts, and an entire room dedicated to playing. I spend nearly every spare moment dealing reading about D&D, planning for my next session, or working on some project (more on those later.)

One of my favorite activities though, is to see the culture of D&D, how it has firmly become ensconced in our modern world over the last 35 or more years. What celebrities have played it, what references exist in the media, what media has been produced for it directly, what non-game products have been made, and what non-D&D media concern players. Looking around, I never have found a blog (and I read a lot of them) that deal directly with D&D as a lifestyle, as a culture. So I begin this blog, to report on D&D outside of the endless stream of press releases, rumor mongering, excellent advice, and forum lurking.

I hope you find it enjoyable.