Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Avengers, D&D style

OK, I've been away for a LOOOONG time. I've moved into a house that needs lots of rehabilitation in another city, and had to find new jobs in said city (Kansas City, in fact). All that takes time and attention, in the meantime there has been a lot going on in D&D culture. I'll try to catch us up.

The Avengers movie is the surprise smash hit of the summer. Naturally, we have D&D versions of the Avengers crew appearing.Here are some from Malaysian artist The Durrrian (that's with three Rs, right?) You can read more about it<\ here on io9. I don't know what's cooler, Iron Man as a wizard, Captain America as a warforged, or the Black Widow looks perfectly at home in D&D garb (Shadar-Kai?)  The last three images come from Black Panther artist Francesco Francavilla for, reimagining the Avengers in the Age of Discovery including Hulk as a Druid.


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