Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tim Duncan, the Merlin of the NBA

Those who watch the San Antonio Spurs may already know of the magic that is Tim Duncan. The superstar Texas basketball player has been playing leader for his team for most of his 13 year career. This epic level player is large sized at a towering 6 ft. 11 inches and combines at-will jump shots with powerful immediate interrupt shot blocking to make opponents dominated (until end of Duncan's next turn.)

What many don't know, and the reason Duncan is being named Geek of the Week, is that this NBA striker is also a D&D fan and player. Duncan, nicknamed "Mr. Spock" in college, is a quiet intellectual who enjoys D&D and fantasy video games. He sports a tattoo of Merlin on his chest and a skeletal jester on his back.

Duncan also enjoys the Texas Renaissance Festival and sword and knife collecting. What is not known is what class he prefers, but I assume wizard from his tat. I'd love to have him in a session. I've got a spot at my table whenever you want Tim. 

This useful action figure doubles as a giant miniature. I'm going to have to stat this up. 

Tim's +3 Jersey of Jumping.

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