Monday, January 31, 2011

D&D Commercials Then and Now

Here's a look at D&D commercials over the years.

1983 I was twelve years old and this commercial seemed so very cool. That and I had a crush on the girl with the braids. I love the group. Two kids in big pilot lenses. Sweaters! However there are two female players, no Mountain Dew on the table and everyone is listening to the DM, that's so unrealistic.

And there was the little known D&D Labryinth Computer Game. I really wanted that as a kid, but Santa never brought me one. You play head to head against another players trying to find the treasure, while avoiding the dragon.

For the Intellivision (which we had) there was the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons computer game. This game launched scores of adorable little girls into playing D&D, which is why we have so many today. OK, that didn't happen.

NO advertisements for the 90s, which is the decade TSR folded. Here's a 2003 D&D boardgame commercial in German, which just makes it goofier. I never saw this game, has anyone played it?

This commercial may have appeared on G4 a few years back for the book, Dungeons and Dragons for Dummies. This is for real? I never thought that there were hordes of yuppies yearning to play D&D but they didn't know how.

An informational video for 4th edition. I love the depiction for 3rd edition grapple.

A modern commercial for 4th edition. That beholder statue is so cool, I want one in my home.

And the super rocking Red Box commercial done by that Dungeon Mastery guy. Always rocking, the original video is even cooler.

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