Saturday, February 12, 2011

D&D Candles, Creams, Lip Balms, and Lotions

 Jessica Peffer, known as NeonDragon on Elfwood and her own website, sells D&D monster themed candle, cremes, lip balms, and lotions on her etsy store site. Check it out below.
The Art of Jessica Peffer by NeonDragonArt on Etsy

Here are some examples:
Kiwi - Lamia Laughter - 8 oz Body Lotion.Wyvern Wisdom - Chocolate Fudge - 8 oz Candle TinGolden Rose - Phoenix Pinion - Soy TealightsButtercreme - Chimera's Cry - 8oz Candle TinManticore Musk - Brown Sugar and Fig - 8oz Candle TinGreen Tea and Lemongrass - Dryad Dreams - 8 oz Candle Tin

There are also buttons and glass pendents of this art, if buying a pricey, stinky candle or cream doesn't appeal to you. I wish her success, and think I might pick up the Manticore Musk to try to cover the musk my players make every Sunday evening in my gaming den.

This blogger doesn't get a cent if you buy from NeonDragonArt, btw. Just lifestyle reporting. If you feel the need to give me money, purchase from any of the other links around. I did find some of NeonDragon's books on amazon though:

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