Friday, February 4, 2011

Fear of Girls

Fear of Girls is a genuine cultural phenomenon. Ryan Wood's first installment of the series was once the #1 Blogged site according to and was slashdotted five years ago on January 26, 2006. Fear of Girls, if you haven't seen it, is definitely part of the D&D geek landscape. The series manages to make us laugh at ourselves and squirm terribly at the social awkwardness some players experience.

In the series DM Doug Douglason (Tom Lommel) and player Raymond Ractburger (Scott Jorgenson) live primarily in their D&D world, making the real world a true challenge for them. Below I've included ALL the deleted scenes from the show, some of which are hysterical. Enjoy!

Warning: Some material my be NSFW. No dirty pictures or anything, you perv.

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