Monday, September 13, 2010

Sex Goddesses Play D&D

An all girl D&D group.

No, not Dungeon Majesty (a similar experiment) but a group put together of girls. Four of them are porn stars, one is a stripper, and one is a hair dresser. The DM is also a porn star, along with being Harvard educated artist.

Yeah, it all sounds pretty weird.

Strangely, the show "I Hit It With My Axe" manages to convey mostly D&D and not porn. There is more sexual innuendo at my weekly table of dudes than occurs among these prominent sex industry workers. Porn stars make fewer sex jokes than I do, that makes me feel so dirty now.

There is an ENTIRE SERIES, nearly 3o episodes, of this. The group completely reminds me of my Jr. High D&D games. We interrupted the DM, we decided to do silly things, there was a definite sense of wonder about the whole experience which is captured nicely. Zak Smith is to be complimented on how he handles the group, his excellent imagination (even the bits he steals are imaginative), and how well he edits hours of footage to ten minutes of video. He sometimes seems painfully awkward, but his blog (also a good read, NSFW) he indicates this is deliberate, to give his players a little thinking time.

A worthy check out and an excellent series. I find myself reevaluating my game all the time. Of course, the best reason is when are you going to get a chance to see porn stars completely geek out?

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