Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dieselboy and the Dungeon Master's Guide

In the world of Drum and Bass, Dieselboy is a king. He is a rare American excelling in a field dominated by British talent and manages to not only produce great music, but to innovate.

Resonating with we D&D nerds, Dieselboy (or DSL to his fans) created an album called "The Dungeon Master's Guide" in 2004. Enlisting none other than Peter Cullen, the voice of Optimus Prime, to read the narration the album begins with this stirring piece.

"Welcome, to the Dungeon Master's Guide. Withing this reference work lie the keys to a universe bound only by limits of human creativity and imagination. It contains everything necessary to create adventures and sophisticated campaigns that blur the fine line between simulation and reality. The Dungeons Master's Guide is a complete and detailed system that will ready you for the demanding challenges that lay ahead. Listen closely and prepare to unlock the sound of pure drum and bass fantasy. This is the world of Advanced D&D."

It's how I start my weekly game.

Dieselboy, check him out here.

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