Friday, December 17, 2010

Dark Dungeons, the greatest D&D comic ever?

Many may remember the days when "D&D" was synonymous with "Satan Worshipper." In the tradition of McCarthyism, D&D was blamed for a lot of wrong in the 80s. Let's look now with quaint nostalgia at this fairly hysterical tract from religious comic maker, Jack Chick.

You know, I've been playing this thing for 30 years and I've never been invited to so much as the sacrifice of a goat. Either this Jack Chick guy is a little off, or I should be very offended.

Me to cultist: "I didn't want to participate in your Satanic ritual, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't appreciate an invitation at least. Honestly, have you looked at some of the guys you DID invite?"

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